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Foreclosure Defense

If you are behind on your mortgage payments and worried your home will be foreclosed on, we're glad you found us. You may not be aware of your rights or of how the process works but that doesn't mean you should rush into a decision or fail to get the expert assistance you need. We can explain your options to you clearly and provide you the help you need to move forward.

Some major concerns which can be prevented from the start of this process are: failure to answer the summons and complaint, raising important defenses such as standing in the answer, failing to attend court appearances and submitting the requisite documents that the Court requires which can help in obtaining a loan modification.

At The Law Offices of Melvin Monachan, PLLC, we begin to work on your case immediately. The Answer is prepared and all appropriate counterclaims are presented to protect interests of homeowners. We stop foreclosure and ask the Court for a Settlement Conference where Foreclosure Defense Lawyers from the firm will present your foreclosure defense.

We make all court appearances, submissions to lenders, and prepare all necessary legal documents for the Court.

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Our Commitment to Excellence

"We understand that a real estate transaction is typically one of the largest financial transactions of most peoples lives. That is why we take the time to properly guide you and keep you informed about the process every step of the way."