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Real Estate Attorney

New York Real Estate Attorney Protects Your Legal and Financial Interests

The Law Office of Melvin Monachan, PLLC.  Focuses exclusively on real estate law, allowing its practitioners to develop a unique knowledge and skillset on this aspect of the law.  Its founder, Melvin Monachan is a successful New York and New Jersey Real Estate Attorney who has developed a reputation as a knowledgeable advisor and formidable advocate for his clients.  He capably represents individuals, corporations, real estate investors, purchasers and sellers of coops, condos and houses, landlords, and tenants in all aspects of New York real estate transactions and litigation.

Why Do You Need a Real Estate Attorney?

While many people hire a realtor during the home buying process, many transactions also require the assistance of a knowledgeable real estate attorney.  While the realtor can help you find a home to match your needs, a real estate attorney can provide you with important advice about the legal effects of any documents you sign before you commit to the purchase.  If a problem arises, he or she can advise you of your legal options and represent your interests through litigation, if necessary.

Real estate attorneys are knowledgeable about the various laws pertaining to real property.  They can help explain the procedures involved in common residential and commercial real estate transactions and provide you with valuable advice that enables you to make an informed decision.

They can provide you with assistance with various aspects of real estate law, including:

  • Reviewing any offers or agreements before you sign them
  • Reviewing other documents involved in real estate transactions, including modifications, environmental reports, current tenant agreements, leases and inspection reports
  • Assisting with the due diligence process
  • Inspecting the title for a clear title
  • Resolving title issues
  • Preparing deeds
  • Negotiating a new price if problems are discovered
  • Taking legal action if necessary disclosures were not made
  • Filing nuisance claims or resolving neighbor disputes
  • Protecting boundaries through legal action

Melvin Monachan is ready to assist you with your real estate law needs.

Our Services

Melvin Monachan provides assistance through every aspect of real estate law, including:

  • Closings – Our sophisticated legal team can help with all aspects of the purchase or sale of a home, condo, apartment or other real property.  We will draft and review necessary documents, including purchase and sale agreements, examine environmental impact statements, review disclosures and conduct title searches.  We will explain each and every document you will receive during the closing process.
  • Loan modifications – When times are hard, the last thing you want to have happen is to lose your home.  Our team will help protect your rights and move for a loan modification that helps prevent foreclosure.
  • Foreclosure defense – If the bank has taken action against your ownership interest and is seeking to foreclose on your property, our team will thoroughly review the petition and identify all possible legal defenses.  We can also help you negotiate alternatives, such as a loan modification or deed in lieu of foreclosure.
  • Landlord tenant– Our knowledgeable team can help you resolve landlord/tenant disputes or represent you in eviction proceedings

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"We understand that a real estate transaction is typically one of the largest financial transactions of most peoples lives. That is why we take the time to properly guide you and keep you informed about the process every step of the way."