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5 Primary Benefits of Hiring a Nassau County Real Estate Attorney for Your Transaction

Posted by Melvin Monachan | Feb 03, 2020 | 0 Comments

Buying or selling a property is an important transaction that implicates many legal issues. Nassau County real estate attorneys are familiar with New York property laws, know what types of pitfalls can arise during a real estate transaction and can take steps to protect your rights during the transaction. Here are five primary benefits of hiring a Nassau County real estate attorney for your transaction.

Draft, Review and Modify Contracts

A Nassau County real estate attorney can draft purchase agreements and other important contracts that detail the rights and obligations of the parties during real estate transactions. Additionally, he or she can review contracts. Experienced real estate attorneys will know exactly what to look for in these agreements and can advise you of any provisions that impact your rights.

Real estate contracts often have complex jargon that is confusing to a normal person. An experienced real estate attorney will ensure that you understand the key terms of any document that you sign. You may feel pressured to just sign the agreement, but it is important that you understand everything first. A knowledgeable Nassau County real estate attorney can explain if any of the provisions are potentially detrimental.

Additionally, real estate attorneys can make modifications to contracts if factors change. He or she can ensure that the closing date is extended, additional repairs are accounted for or other changes are made when necessary.

Guidance During the Real Estate Transaction Process

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a Nassau County real estate attorney is being able to call him or her when you have questions about the process or if issues develop. A Nassau County real estate attorney can explain each step of the process and guide you through it. 

Title Search

An important function that a Nassau county real estate attorney performs is conducting a title search of the property. If you are buying a property, it is vital that you conduct a title search to ensure that the seller has the legal right to sell the property. Additionally, a title search can reveal if there are any problems with the chain of title or if there are easements or other issues that may impact your ownership or the value of property.

Ensure a Proper Closing

One of the most important reasons to have a Nassau County real estate attorney on your side is to help with the closing process. During this time, you will sign many documents that have various financial and legal effects, so it is important that you fully understand them. He or she can prepare the deed. Additionally, he or she can explain any last-minute changes so that you are aware of your rights and have the most up-to-date information.

Handle Disputes

If a dispute arises during the transaction, a Nassau County real estate attorney can help resolve them through negotiations, mediation or litigation. Your lawyer can fight for your rights and make recommendations based on his experience


By Melvin Monachan

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