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Is Commercial Property a Safe Harbor if We Enter a Recession?

Posted by Melvin Monachan | Oct 20, 2022 | 0 Comments

From COVID-19 to rising inflation rates, there's no doubt that the commercial real estate sector is reeling from numerous shocks. And although the US is not technically in a recession, there's a risk we're heading that way.

In these circumstances, you might wonder whether to hold, buy, or sell your commercial investments. Although you should seek legal advice from a commercial property attorney before taking action, here are some assets which could be stable investments during a downturn.

Office Spaces

Remote working boomed during COVID-19, but there's still demand for office space.

Experts suggest that smaller “satellite” offices may become more popular, helping workers maintain a healthier work-life balance post-pandemic. On the other hand, office space could become more flexible and collaborative, which may increase the demand for larger, open-plan spaces.

There's no saying for sure which way the pendulum will swing on office space, but these commercial assets could prove robust.

Self-Storage Units

As businesses locate to smaller premises and consumers downsize to conserve funds, self-storage assets could prove safe options for commercial investors.

  • Self-storage customers are often driven by need, so they may be less price sensitive than other individuals.
  • Data from previous downturns suggests that self-storage units become more popular during recessions.

There's no such thing as a sure investment, but self-storage facilities have a reputation for being fairly recession-proof.


Despite a trend towards virtual appointments and digitized healthcare, we'll always have a need for bricks-and-mortar healthcare spaces such as:

  • clinics
  • care homes
  • surgical facilities

Traditionally, healthcare real estate performs well during recessions, and it could be a safe harbor in the next storm heading our way.

Industrial & Logistics

Given the current political climate, we could see an increase in demand for domestic warehouse space rather than relying on international supply chains. And as supply chains play catch-up after COVID-19 and the retail sector recovers, warehouse space could be worth holding – or buying – for now.

Call a NY Commercial Real Estate Attorney

Typically, commercial real estate weathers market downturns well, and it's often a good long-term investment option. However, before you make any investment decisions, retain an experienced commercial real estate attorney.

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