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The Massive Project Raising Property Values in Battery Park

Posted by Melvin Monachan | Jun 27, 2023 | 0 Comments

New York's Battery Park City Authority recently took steps to protect one of lower Manhattan's most vulnerable points for flooding.

The North and West Battery Park City Resiliency Project is a $631 million sea wall construction project at the southern tip of Manhattan that will protect the area from future flooding. It is part of an overall effort to make sure that residents can continue living safely in their homes, even during severe storms. The wall will be built along the Hudson River between West Street and Rector Street and on land between Battery Place and Murray Street.

The project will include approximately 8,000 linear feet of flood and seepage barriers and a deployable barrier crossing of West Street that extends uptown to Tribeca.

The Flood Wall Design

The Flood Wall is the centerpiece of the project. It will be located along the Hudson River, between West Street and North End Avenue. It will protect Battery Park City from future flooding events like those that occurred during Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

The design of this unprecedented structure is based on a hybrid system that combines natural materials with engineered components. The wall itself will consist of two layers: an outer layer made up primarily of stone; an inner layer made up primarily of concrete columns filled with sandbags or other materials. This combination allows for flexibility in terms of strength requirements while minimizing cost and environmental impact.

The wall will be constructed using precast concrete panels and steel sheet piles, which are less expensive than traditional construction materials.
The wall also features several other benefits:

  • It will provide a barrier between the Hudson River and residential areas in Battery Park City that were previously at risk for flooding.
  • It will reduce stormwater runoff by capturing rainwater before it reaches the Hudson River or surrounding waterways and will help protect marine life.

Impact on the Community

The North and West Battery Park City Resiliency Project is critical to New York City's $20 billion resiliency program. The wall will protect residents and businesses from future flood events while increasing waterfront access and improving the quality of life in this vibrant community, adding value to real estate in Battery Park and beyond.

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