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Zoomschooling & Foreclosure

Posted by Melvin Monachan | Oct 26, 2020 | 0 Comments

In March, Governor Cuomo declared a disaster emergency for New York State, and shortly thereafter, Zoom became America's choice platform for distance learning and remote meetings.

Now, as the coronavirus continues to have us reorganizing our lives to meet new challenges, two of the biggest concerns for real estate owners and families are avoiding foreclosure and protecting their children's education.

And because of lockdowns and a grim unemployment rate, commercial and residential property owners face the same risk of falling behind on mortgage payments and losing their property. Overseeing homeschooling only adds to the burden.

However, if you are facing the pressure of “Zoomschooling” and foreclosure, there is help available.

How to Handle the Pressure of Zoomschooling & Foreclosure Defense

Fortunately, with each new challenge the COVID crisis brings, the U.S. government continues to implement new regulations to help keep people in their homes and to make the transition to remote learning more comfortable.

These resources continue to expand. In October, Governor Cuomo extended New York State's moratorium on commercial foreclosures. And recently, Zoom introduced new options to make homeschooling easier.

Zoom can now help you better manage both distance learning and foreclosure dealings. For instance:

  • You can tap into a school's counseling services to help your student through difficult times.
  • You may conduct remote consultations with an attorney while sharing legal docs in real-time.
  • Virtual Waiting Rooms allow private conversations and multiple guests, so you can simultaneously conduct school and foreclosure meetings.

Facing Residential/Commercial Closings

Despite the governmental assistance available, these trying times can cause confusion. When responding to a residential or commercial property foreclosure, avoid making rash decisions. Every foreclosure is different, and it is important to fully understand the situation to prevent it from becoming a bigger problem. Some questions to consider:

  • Did the foreclosure notice adhere to all required protocols?
  • Are there extra protections to consider, such as those for service members?
  • If a foreclosure is initiated, do you have the right to appeal?

An experienced attorney who is an expert in residential and commercial foreclosures can help to prevent foreclosure and prepare all necessary claims.

The Law Offices of Melvin Monachan can help. Contact us at (347) 486-7807 to schedule a consultation.

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